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Asset protection

Whether your aim is to reduce your Inheritance Tax burden or to mitigate the costs of care, we will advise you objectively and openly on methods of protecting your resources and using them to best effect.

Capacity Issues

We will help you to support vulnerable adults and children, and advise you on how best to protect not only their assets but, more importantly, their well-being. Whether you require a full guardianship or a simple intervention order, we will guide you through the required processes.


We will help you through the executry process when someone close to you dies. From investigating the estate to dealing with HMRC and questions about Inheritance Tax, to overseeing the formal appointment of executors, we will make sure that the estate is administered and wound up as quickly and effectively as possible.

Family Law

Our experienced family law team advise on all matters arising from the breakdown of a marriage or cohabiting relationship. Where children are involved, we advise on residence and contract arrangements, as well as the payment of child maintenance and school fees. Our goal is always to reach a negotiated settlement, resulting in the signing of a separation agreement and in the case of marriage, an uncontested divorce. Where a negotiated settlement is not possible, we guild our clients through court proceedings with the utmost attentiveness.


If you have a relative or friend who is vulnerable because they have lost capacity and do not have a power of attorney in place, we can assist you with the process of becoming their Guardian so that you can manage their affairs for them.


We can guide you on how to make gifts to charities, whether as legacies in your Will or as lifetime gifts, and always with a view to maximising the benefit to you and your family of all available Inheritance Tax exemptions.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney allows you to appoint others to look after you and your affairs when you are no longer able to do so yourself. We will guide you through the process of creating a power of attorney, suggest who you should appoint as your attorneys, and help you to select the powers you think your attorneys will need.

Residential Property

Whether you are a first-time buyer taking your first step on the property ladder, a homeowner looking to move, or a property investor adding to your portfolio, our experienced property team understands that a property is more than just bricks and mortar.  Our knowledgeable team will make the process of buying and selling, remortgaging, executry conveyancing and title transfers as straightforward and smooth as possible.

Succession Planning

We will work with you and your other professional advisers to identify tax exemptions which are relevant to you, ensure that the benefit of these exemptions is maximised, and advise you on how best to pass on your assets, both family and business, taking account of not only these tax considerations but also the too often real issue of family politics.


Trusts are not just for the wealthy. They remain an effective way of managing and protecting assets for future generations and vulnerable members of your family. We will guide on when a trust might be appropriate, which is the right trust for you, how to create the trust you need, and how the trust should then be administered.


A properly drafted Will ensures your estate will go to the beneficiaries you want it to. We will guide you on who to nominate as your executors, how legacies might be recorded, what you should do with the remainder of your estate, leaving assets to children, funeral wishes, if guardians should be appointed for your children, not to mention methods of using your Will to mitigate taxes and care fees.


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